6 Tips for successful event planning

As we have a rich history of planning and hosting events and over 45 years of experience, we are used to satisfying our clients’ most demanding needs - but, most importantly, we work every day in order to live up to the tradition.

Planning an event can be a tricky endeavor, but also a satisfying one. From food, to location, to atmosphere and more, a successful event takes time and effort to ensure that you cover all the details. Although getting the logistics right is very important, the real key to any event that will deliver true business value to your organization is to make sure that your attendees enjoy a creative and engaging experience.

This is why we developed The Event Planner's Toolkit! Here you can find out all you need to know about the latest trends in event planning, practical advice and ideas for creating a multifaceted experience for your attendees, case studies and guest testimonials. You will be able to learn more about the InterContinental experience from some of our most distinguished guests (ex: Eura, EBRD Training,  Council of Europe).

Whether we're talking about sales conferences / incentive meetings, Christmas parties, business meetings, press conferences, product launches, award galas, community events & clubs, professional & guild reunions or weddings, baptisms & anniversaries we make sure that your event’s personality shines. You haven’t yet decided on your event’s personality? Check out The Event Planner's Toolkit!

Here are six tips to help you manage your event and ensure that everything goes smoothly and is enjoyable both by you and your attendees:
Choosing the right venue is the one decision that will have the largest impact on your event. The location must be easily accessible by your target audience and, if you’re planning a product launch, it must also represent your product in some way. For example,  if your product is a book on urban history than it would clearly resonate with the InterContinental as a Bucharest icon. The hotel is also across the street from the University of Bucharest and the National Theatre, so the venue would be perfectly accessible for the product’s audience.

Specific events focus not only on the venue but on accommodation too (e.g.: Guild reunions). Others need two venues or/and creative staging (e.g.: Award galas). That’s one of the reasons why InterContinental is such a distinctive event venue. Because it offers an amazing array of venues, from grand ballrooms to intimate meeting rooms, from an unique lounge to a spectacular terrace. When the elegant design meets perfect F&B service, gourmet delights and an outstanding view of the city, the perfect event is born.
It’s important to pay attention to the existing decor inside the venue and all the details that create a great ambiance for your audience and also choose activities and amenities that will be well received and enjoyed. For example, if you’re organizing a Christmas party you can hold a storytelling competition or make company branded board game for the whole team.
Depending on the size of the event, give yourself enough time for planning it. By avoiding doing things last minute, you will have plenty of time to make sure you cover all the details and nothing is left to chance. Have in mind that for a big event you’ll be needing a year in advance to plan it.
People don’t usually remember specific dates or décor details, they remember moments and that is what you should strive to create. Having a strong understanding of your audience is one of the best ways to ensure your success. For example if you’re organizing a press conference you should have in mind that some journalists will need a private and elegant setting for exclusive interviews. But if you’re organizing an award gala you should think about a detailed script which will include everything from music to lighting and room temperature and not forget about the “wow factor”. These things may have the wow factor: surprise TED-style talk, digital flip chart, treasure hunt, spectacular places for group photos.
People remember experiences that engage their senses and encourage their participation. So, if you want to set your event apart from others, think about some activities that will break the ice and will invite your audience to mingle. Depending on the event’s personality, you can lighten up the atmosphere using stand-up comedy, pantomime or a costume/painting/craft exhibition.
Another idea could be to encourage your guests to take and post photos to social networks with a specific hashtag and then have a projector playing a live feed of those images that people are posting.
Regardless of your experience in planning events, the help of experienced professionals is always helpful. Our event team at InterContinental will make sure that no detail is too small and nothing is overlooked. They will gladly assist you with everything you need in order to end up with the best event possible – both for you and your guests.

To find out more about InterContinental business events, download our Toolkit here!

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