Planning modern children's parties in Bucharest

What makes children's parties in Bucharest successful? Find out at InterContinental!

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At the InterContinental Bucharest we love special occasions and we thrive on participating in the creation of your most cherished memories. For example, baptisms and wedding receptions are important moments in your life, and our staff and planners are equipped with everything you need in order to make these occasions even more special for yourself, your family and friends. Planning and organizing children's parties in Bucharest is yet another family event to celebrate at the InterContinental Bucharest, during the Sunday brunch event, Brunchissimo.

But first, what are the “must-have’s” for children’s parties? We have identified some elements that contribute to  a positive atmosphere at children’s parties. Here they are:

A safe, supervised setting

They say that a child does not need many things in order to be happy and entertained because children already have a wild and active imagination that keeps them busy. But we know that a safe playground is one of the places for children's parties where they can set into motion their fantasies.

At the InterContinental Bucharest, the playground is always entertained and supervised by hotel staff;  kids can play while you can finally relax after a busy week. The Brunchissimo playground is an attraction for our children's parties in Bucharest, and it is always filled with laughter, giggles and new friendships. The kids can use their healthy energy here and work up their  appetite for the delicious treats (cotton candy and popcorn included!) that await them.

Professional and beloved entertainers

Modern children's parties in Bucharest are completed by a team of talented and amusing Itsy Bitsy actors who can bring extra entertainment while you unwind and enjoy your afternoon over the new menu of fresh international specialties and relax listening to the live Jazzy Jo’s band.

Aside from meeting ZĂPĂ, a beloved Itsy Bitsy Radio character who will host fun and educational workshops, kids will be thrilled by our inflatable bouncy castle and the toys and games from Noriel, their play partner during Brunchissimo. The bouncy castle makes for exciting places for children's parties, as all kids feel like princes and princesses!

Balanced, fresh and healthy food

The menus are all created with fresh and healthy ingredients, because we know how important it is for your child to consume natural produce. Let us know of any allergies and/or other special requests you may have, in order for us to create the culinary experience you and your family wish to have for your children’s parties in Bucharest at InterContinental. Be assured that an expert chef creates dishes with care, making your servings a delicious, nutritious moment in the day.

Fun activities and interactive games

A karaoke machine is just what fun children’s parties in Bucharest need! Guided by ZĂPĂ and her assistant, kids will sing along and learn how to express their talents and creativity. Surprise contests will award children with Noriel toys. Drawing and storytelling workshops will also be a part of the fun, making Brunchissimo much more than leisure time: it will also be an educational and exciting afternoon!

Children's parties in Bucharest are a special moment both for them and their parents, at Brunchissimo. The price is 250 lei / person with free service for kids under 10 and a 50% discount for kids up to 14 years old. Book now and save your place starting September 16h. A world filled with wonder and flavour awaits!

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