Brunchissimo is back at the InterContinental Bucharest

brunch in București
We know that you have missed us during the summer so we have exciting news for you: Brunchissimo is back, and it comes with mouthwatering surprises! As the leaves are dancing in the autumn air, forget about the week’s troubles and step into the festive and light atmosphere of your favorite brunch in București, Brunchissimo!

Brunch is a social event and best enjoyed in the company of loved ones, so invite them to join you! Come celebrate with us, over fine foods and Veuve Clicquot champagne. Book now and spend four lovely hours, every Sunday from 12:30 to 16:30. You will experience a culinary adventure that will take you from Romania to Italy, France, the Middle East, North Africa and Thailand, while Jazzy Jo's live band pairs your food with soft and harmonious music.

Children up until the age of 10 are welcomed to join for free, while the fee for kids up to 14 is 50 % off from the usual price of 250 RON. The kids are going to have a blast, because the highlight of this season of Brunchissimo is dedicated to them. The playground area features  a bouncy castle and ZĂPĂ, the Itsy Bitsy Radio entertainer will be present at Brunchissimo every Sunday. This season of Brunchissimo, Noriel will be the kids’ play partner, bringing toys and contest prizes.

Brunchissimo, your favorite brunch in București

Friends and family members come together at Brunchissimo, to enjoy an attentively planned buffet menu, paired with a smooth selection of drinks. At Brunchissimo, after a welcoming glass of Veuve Clicquot, sparkling wine will be served throughout the afternoon, so you can toast for all the things you are excited about.

During this Sunday ritual, two live cooking stations will thrill your senses and surprise you. Enjoy, from the carving station, super-tender turkey slices, cooked as slow as summer turns into fall, accompanied  by a delicious brioche and a side of coleslaw salad.

The varied themes of the second station will be your surprise ticket around the world, keeping you guessing what the next destination will be. Expect seafood, such as mussels, oysters, octopus and shrimps to form a sea of vivid colors and take you on a cruise to the Mediterranean. Fresh vegetables will meet rice in a vegetarian maki roll, shakshuka will spice up your afternoon, and the Romanian and International cheese selection will go perfectly with sparkling wine until evening comes. Over to the desert station, crêpes are flipped and dipped in the chocolate fountain. Yum!

Brunchissimo București is a family event, but also appropriate for groups of friends. We also recommend Brunchissimo for birthdays and anniversaries - the venue has all the elements that make your day feel like a celebration of life. Expect the four hours to feel like just a few moments, as time flies when you are having a delicious time. Book in advance to make sure you and your friends  come and discover the flavors of the world at brunch București!

brunch in Bucureștibrunch in Bucureștibrunch in Bucureștibrunch in București
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