A Seafood Symphony in Downtown Bucharest

If life is like a box of chocolates, then heaven is an oyster, they say. Seafood is the best way to taste refined simplicity in the heart of Bucharest, in any of the InterContinental venues - Corso  Brasserie or Modigliani Restaurant.

A Seafood Symphony in Downtown Bucharest
Dear ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the seafood symphony in downtown Bucharest! The gourmet concert is about to begin.

First and firstmost, let’s hear it for the oysters – the stars of the show. Tasting oysters is pretty much like tasting wine: a subjective, personal experience, which takes time to grow. Just like wine, smell it first – our gourmet experts suggest. The aroma should be super-fresh, instantly transporting you to the sea. Then, simply enjoy their creamy or buttery flavor, and final sweetness. Our Fine de Clair oysters brought from France, to be enjoyed every Sunday at Brunchissimo, are so fresh that you can taste them “naked”, without crunchy bread & butter or any sauce to jazz it up.

However, the pairing of fleshy, crisp oysters and the legendary aroma of Veuve Clicquot champagne is simply made in heaven. And the merry clinking of glasses, among family and friends, is the next act in the seafood symphony – maybe this is why the classical champagne glasses are also called flutes! At Brunchissimo, you can also enjoy seafood salad (calamari, mussels, shrimps), polpo alla gallega, shrimp salad and shrimp cocktail, pan fried salmon, tuna or catch of the day, red shrimps. More details, here

And while the oysters are a Sunday Brunchissimo exclusive, the coquilles St. Jacques can be savoured every day, in Corso Brasserie - and did you know they are also rich in iron, and thus very healthy? After the grand opening of the taste buds, let’s savour a caciucco, at the Modigliani Restaurant – the hearty Italian fish stew, related to the French bouillabaisse, Greek kakavia, Spanish zarzuela, and Portuguese caldeirada. Fresh fish and clams, mussels, shrimps, a wide array of vegetables and spices, and a touch of white wine – can you feel the rich smell of this textured delicacy? Join us at Modigliani Restaurant, if you’d also like to taste it! They say traditional chefs also add a stone while boiling this amazing gift of the seas.

Calamari fritti and grilled octopus are the next in line, when we talk about seafood delicacies in downtown Bucharest. Crisp, but tender; savoury, but natural – these are the rules of the house when it comes to preparing seafood. “Keep it real, with just a touch of magic” – the very definition of refined simplicity. If you would like to end the seafood symphony on a different note, you can always try a carpaccio di manzo, a raw beef & rocket salad delight, with parmesan and pine nuts, or one of the house specialties, the gnocchi. For the latter, do visit us at Modigliani Restaurant on a Thursday evening, for our Giovedi Gnocchi surprises. Our torta al limone or the best tiramisu in Bucharest are perfect for the grand finale of the evening, making the spirit of the Italian household meet urban sophistication.

Ladies and gentlemen, we hope you enjoyed the seafood symphony this time, and see you at the InterContinental, in Corso Brasserie or Modigliani Restaurant, for a memorable live performance! And don’t forget: if the world is your oyster, it’s up to you to find the pearls.

A Seafood Symphony in Downtown BucharestA Seafood Symphony in Downtown BucharestA Seafood Symphony in Downtown BucharestA Seafood Symphony in Downtown BucharestA Seafood Symphony in Downtown Bucharest
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