Autumn in the City: A Terrace with a Twist

A Bucharest Cooler, a Sweet Thrill or a Refreshing Gossip?

For the last days of Indian summer in the city, there's no better place than Corso Summer Terrace by Veuve Clicquot

Right in the heart of Bucharest, there is an urban oasis with an air of intimacy, vibrant colours for background and champagne fizz. Corso Summer Terrace by Veuve Clicquot makes you feel that every day is worth a celebration, just for being alive, in a big city, full of possibility. The refined champagne menu includes Veuve Clicquot Rich, a summer special, but also the legendary Veuve Clicquot Rose and Veuve Clicquot Brut. Fruit & cheese platters, snacks and canapés, cocktails, smoothies and brandy coffee, all these are just the right notes in the symphony of urban taste. Fresh, classy and bubbly - this is what they taste like, this is how they'll make you feel!

Let's picture this. You and your girlfriends celebrating one of the first warm autumn nights, in downtown Bucharest. Photo tripping, sharing memories, making plans. You've always liked to see the glass half full. Preferably with champagne, we say. After you taste the stars, you may want to taste the ocean - and order Ocean's Delight, 6 fresh oysters that will instantly take you to the seaside and a dinner on the beach. For the ones who prefer mix'n'match, we have prepared the best of the house: Corso At A Glance. It is our story in one gourmet sentence, an urban legend reinvented. Music in the air, city vibes, intimate conversation and the sound of laughter - an evening which you can share on Facebook, with the hashtag #MakingMemories.

For romantic evenings, we wouldn't change a thing, except maybe the choice of Summer Delight: Sweet Thrill (fresh strawberries) for a fresh start, especially if you have something to celebrate. Private parties will be glam and intimate, at the same time, so join us on a terrace with a twist, in downtown Bucharest.

Corso Summer Terrace by Veuve Clicquot is open every evening, from 6 PM until after midnight. Entrance from Nicolae Balcescu Boulevard. 25 stylish seats, comfortable armchairs and gondolas.

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