Asian Massage: the Art of Giving

The smell of mint tea and fields of lavender. The touch of a warm towel hugging your feet, after walking the streets of Bucharest on a midsummer day.  The sound of traditional Thai music, your mind suddenly a stage for the dance of the legendary dragons. A healing touch, with the power of tenderness, love and care.

Russel Gonzales Dollano, 35, is from the Philippines. It was in her country that she learned the basics of alternative medicine and hilot (deep tissue massage), starting from early childhood. “The taste of brewed coffee and pandesal in the morning, this is what I miss most about the Philippines!” she says laughing (pandesal is a special kind of bread, rich in fibres and nutrients). At Health Club 22, where the team of Asian therapists brought an authentic and fresh vibe, the ritual starts with the feet, because “this is what we stand on, they connect us to the earth, to our deepest roots”. The feet are bathed in aromatic water, then drenched in a warm towel, while the smell of natural oils and the sound of Thai music brings all your senses into harmony. 

Signature massage and emotional balance

At 13, Russel went to the government school of alternative medicine, where she studied “signature massage”, a complex mix of Thai, lomilomi, hilot and Swedish techniques. The most efficient Oriental healing practices, with their ancient roots and legendary halo, in one intense, deeply soothing 1-hour massage. Her touch is gentle, yet determined, tender, yet strong. “No pain, no gain”, says Russel – and this may sound surprising to the first-timer. Traditional Thai massage consists of applying pressure to key areas of the body, in order to release tension and take you to a superior state of well-being. Russel is skilled in using her elbows and knuckles, not only her fingers and palms, when she gently introduces you to lomilomi - the ancient Hawaiian practice which helps you regain emotional balance. Your skin is pampered with pure coconut oil and shea butter, as the connection with nature is fundamental to Oriental spirituality. “I meditate with running water and plants every morning”, says Russel, “it gives me oxygen and positive energy”. The energy that she will put into her palms, the energy that she needs in order to give “TLC: tenderness, love and care. This is what we offer our clients”. If your spirits are low, we understand, your touch will not have the power to nurture, and the art of the massage is fundamentally the art of giving.

Thai massage benefits
The signature massage brings body, mind and spirit into dialogue. It compresses centuries of spiritual practices and healing touches into one inspiring and invigorating hour. We are not talking about medical massage in the modern sense, but it was proved to help with back pains, headaches, joint pain, hernia or sports injuries. It is also recommended in pregnancy, but only during the 4th, the 5th and the 7th months, when its relaxing and circulation-boosting effects will be best for the future mother.

“I feel like a newborn, this is what most of our guests tell me after the massage session, with a bright smile on their faces”, Russel confesses, also with a bright smile. What is the best thing you can do during the massage? Well, sleep. A 15-minute sleep during the session equals 3 days of complete relaxation for the body. It is quite a good trade, in a busy age, in the heart of a busy city. And the best time to spoil your senses is in the evening, before going to sleep. You will have a great morning ahead of you, this is what we guarantee! And don’t forget: wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind and a tranquil spirit. Join us on your journey to Health Club 22!

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