Weekend urban escape

Bucharest’s city center is different during the weekend. More calm, with more tourists walking by on the streets, with luxuriant terraces hidden in the urban jungle, coffee bars with delicacies, parks with flowers or chilly swimming-pools.
The capital is an interesting melting pot for different architectural styles, different lifestyles but also a great surprise for an urban escape that it is starting to become trendy during the weekends, when the young people are looking for places to feel pampered and relaxed far from the weekly routine, searching for “Instagramable’’ places and moments.
If we are going to start the journey of discovering brand new places that are going to make our life happier, it is a must to start from downtown, at the Kilometre 0 – University Square, InterContinental.
A symbol for luxury and cosmopolitan lifestyle since the 70’s, the InterContinental is still today a model of quality and excellence in the hospitality industry in Romania.
We invite you to start the urban weekend escape, here, in the heart of the city.

A romantic gateway above the city

It’s not easy to believe but in Bucharest, during the weekends, you can find cheaper accommodation rates than during the week, so you can start the adventure with a check in for one night in a very fancy InterContinental Club room, where you will have the privilege to discover the panoramic city views like only the famous photographers have captured it.  You can try than Club InterContinental lounge at the 21st Floor for the most breath-taking sunset alongside with your loved one.
Sunset or sunrise? The choice is yours!

Corso Summer Terrace by VeuveClicquot

Re-opened this spring with a celebrity event, ‘’Corso Summer Terrace by VeuveClicquot’’ is the first terrace in Bucharest branded after the name of the famous champagne brand. The menu offers exotic fruits, a delicious ice cream from ‘’Antica Gelateria del Corso’’ and of course, champagne from Veuve Clicquot.
As the summer nights are perfect for the terrace, here you can relax in one of the gondolas, drinking a glass of champagne and have a great chat, far from the noisy and crowdie common entertainment spots in the city.
Cozy and colorful, the summer terrace is for sure one of the most special selfie spots in the city.

Coffee with a message  

Very fashionable in the London pubs, the customized coffee made the debut in Bucharest, at the Corso Brasserie at InterContinental, available also on the Corso Summer Terrace by Veuve Clicquot. Talking about the messages, you can choose a predefined one or you can enjoy a cappuccino with your own picture, just great to be shared in a post, with your Facebook or Instagram friends.

Health Club 22nd Floor

Another “instagramable’’ spot, proper for great selfies or photos with city views is the Health Club 22nd Floor, located at 80 meters above the city.
Stop for a moment and relax, enjoy a few hours at the swimming pool, for a sunbath on the terrace or in the Jacuzzi.    
If you want to feel more energized, you can go to the fully equipped gym where you can choose to have a personal trainer that will recommend you the right exercises for your body and lifestyle.

Rediscover Bucharest in vacation

During the summer, Bucharest is wearing vacation sunglasses and their filter will take you to a world of relaxation and fun for a weekend.
We hope that we have convinced you and you are already dreaming about a weekend urban escape in your own city.
We invite you to rediscover Bucharest in vacation, through one of its symbols, the InterContinental Hotel.

For great accommodation rates during weekends, we recommend you the hotel website www.intercontinental.com/bucharest or you can send us a request via e-mail at Bucharest.reservations@ihg.com.

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