More than just a sightseeing tour of Bucharest

More than just a sightseeing tour of Bucharest
Bucharest is, without doubt, an unforgettable experience for those who visit it, whether they are city dwellers or tourists. Things tend to become eclectic if we are talking about the impact on people, but this is exactly what drives the fascination of those who discover the tourist attractions worth visiting in Bucharest.

At the InterContinental, the entire city is at your feet - you can see the wonderful panorama of the capital from your own balcony. The beauty of the city reveals urban projects of French influence started in the second half of the 19th century, when the center took shape, the large boulevards, the imposing buildings of the institutions or cultural points. Hence the name "The Little Paris". We invite you to discover the cultural and architectural heritage of the city at the Bucharest Municipality Museum, right next to the InterContinental.

But beyond the visual delight, we recommend experiencing the city. What should you visit for an intense experience that you will recall? We have curated a sightseeing path of history, nature and local flavor.

Start the series of the tourist attractions in Bucharest with the Old City Center, where you will discover, by day, a pedestrian neighborhood with unique buildings, that are on the List of Historical Monuments, and at night, an aggregate of bars or clubs open all night, for the eccentric ones.
For those who love tranquility, a hidden gem of the Old Center is the small Stavropoleus Orthodox Monastery, built in 1724, an oasis of peace and spirituality.

After leaving behind the Old City Center, you can take a stroll through the Cismigiu Park, the oldest and largest city park built in 1800, the preferred destination of the city's aristocracy of those times. Today it is a perfect destination for a relaxing walk or for your morning running or, why not, for outdoor team building activities.

For those who love longer walks, the Herastrau Park is the best choice they can make. The park hides within the Village Museum, a village in the middle of the city, which presents the rural culture of Romania in the past centuries, being a tourist destination and a perfect choice for authentic souvenir shopping, to impress the adults, but also to enchant the children.
If your feet are not tired yet, after a visit to the Village Museum, you can head to the Arc de Triomphe and then take a stroll along Victoriei Avenue for an authentic experience along which you will feel the pulse of the city.

One of the city's main boulevards, Victoriei Avenue brings together the present and the history and is 3 km long, so there is enough time for you to discover a sequence of history with plenty of interesting places to recall. Victoriei Avenue has many tourist attractions including the Stirbey Palace, the Royal Palace, now the headquarters of the Romanian National Museum of Art, the Romanian Athenaeum, the Kretzulescu Church, the National Military Club Palace, the Palace of Telephones and the National History Museum of Romania.

No matter the tourist attractions you intend to experience in Bucharest, the InterContinental Hotel, that is itself a hot spot of the capital and the city's tallest hotel, is an ideal host both because it is located right in the heart of the city, thus making everything so here, but also for the view that it offers, which catches your breath. Wherever you point, you're already there.
More than just a sightseeing tour of BucharestMore than just a sightseeing tour of BucharestMore than just a sightseeing tour of BucharestMore than just a sightseeing tour of Bucharest

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